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Installing Sphinx Search on Basic 64-bit Amazon Linux AMI

This is a simple step by step in installing Sphinx Search on Basic 64-bit Amazon Linux AMI. This is applicable to 32-bit too. This installation is very bare, starting from zero installation at all.

The conditions I wanted to meet:

  • Using the very latest Sphinx Search documents. And when I say latest, I mean it. I am using Sphinx Search trunk, because I need the RealTime Indexing (RT Index) and the latest trunk had the TRUNCATE RTINDEX command to remove all indexes.
  • Uses MySQL to connect to Sphinx Search.

So here goes:

# yum install mysql mysql-server mysql-devel
# yum install make gcc gcc-c++
# yum install svn
# cd /usr/src/
# svn checkout sphinxsearch 
# cd sphinxsearch
# ./configure —with-mysql
# make
# make install
# /usr/local/bin/indexer —all
# /etc/init.d/searchd start

And that’s it! Crazy simple!